About us


Best Info Tech is an, organization dedicated in providing complete solution for Copiers and Wide Format. All Branded Copiers and Copier spares at ONE ROOF.

The company commands expertise in providing solution to companies or business units of any size like small business houses, large corporate units and academic institutions. No matter what field of business you are in it's easy to be consumed by the ever-changing information and technological challenges of today's rapidly evolving marketplace. We ensure that you have access to the latest technology products at competitive prices though our strategic partnership developed over the years with industry leaders to provide cutting edge of technological solutions to our customers. Best Info Tech is committed to providing a full service solution to our customers. Best Info Tech strives to stand out in the community as a quality provider of Wide Format, Copierss and Service for all of your system and networking needs. Best Info Tech has been providing quality computing to customers for years. We recognize the need for quality, affordable service of the Copierss and Wide Format in our area. Whether you want to bring your Copierss or Wide Format to us, or you want us to come to you, Best Info Tech is prepared to take care of your needs in a timely, professional manner. Our relationship does not end once products are installed. Support and Maintenance are key components of many IT solutions. We address the challenges associated with down time that affects your growth, your success your bottom line. That is exactly where we begin, we provide you with quality after sale support services so that you can worry less, save money and improve productivity. We truly understand the power of customer satisfaction � this has been the key to our success over the years. We know that our competitive edge is our proven processes, systems and our highly skilled and experienced engineers working in partnership with you towards meeting your business objectives.

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